How to get healthy, white Teeth

6 Pro Tipps for getting whiter and healthier Teeth:

1. Nutrition is Key for white Teeth

white teeth through the right food

When it comes to extremely white teeth, it all starts with your food. Please don’t listen to people who say you should use lemons or baking soda! Either oft hat harms the dental enamel and makes the staining even worse! Better option: strawberries. Healthy, delicous and a natural peeling for your teeth.


2. Smart drinking – how to protect your tooth colour

teeth whitening smart drinking

Red wine and coffee. Obviously this combination won’t be good for your general health or your teeth in particular. The consequence: a nasty yellowness! So better relinquish these two if you want white teeth. If you really cannot stop drinking coffe or red wine, you should brush your teeth or chew a chewing gum afterwars. But careful, you should wait at least 30 minutes after drinking red wine, because the acid of the wine combined with the flouride of your toothpaste can also harm your dental enamel. Pro Tipp: drin your acidic drinks with a straw.


3. Daily dental care

tooth cleaning, tooth care

Dental cleaning is obligatory. Obvious! But if you want to have the celebtrity-smile, it takes a bit more than just the normal brushing in the morning and in the evening. We suggest at least 3 times a day, ideally after every snack. We recommend a combination of electrical and conventional brushing. Additionally we highly recommend using dental floss. Food debris is the #1 reason for stains and yellowness of your teeth.


4. Water flossing

water flosser

An even more effective and hygienic way of flossing compared to conventional string flossing is water flossing. It reduces the periodontal infection and inflammation, it helps people with diabetes, it is safe and gentle around implants, it’s easy to use and it only takes about 1 minute to cleanse the entire mouth. See Lance’s review of his favourite water flosser here.


5. Mouthwash

Using the right mouthwash can significantly help getting whiter teeth. Especially using mouthwash with essential oils will reduce infection and inflammation due to its antiseptic affect. This is a reasonable addition to your daily dental care routine.


6. Oil pulling

oil pulling

It’s something even celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow allegedly swear by: Oil pulling means swishing or holding oil in your mouth for several minutes. This method claims to improve tooth colour, oral and systemic health, also including benefits in conditions such as headaches, migraines or asthma. It’s called oil pulling because the oils seems to be „pulling out“ toxins and other noxiuos substances out of your palatine and your gums. Although it is not clinically proven, you might want to give it a try. And if you use coconut oil, it does not even taste that bad. Of course you have to spit out the oil after swishing, don’t swallow it.

We hope these tipps can help you and we would love to see some comments and feedback on this page. Kind regards and stay healthy, your Nowwhiteteeth Team!

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